Dissertation by Design is committed to maintaining academic integrity and will work to ensure that all of our clients produce original scholarship. We don’t write for you; we help you write better!

Confidentiality: We prioritize your privacy and ensure that all information, data, and communication are kept confidential. We do not share or disclose any client information or data without explicit permission.

Authorship: We acknowledge and respect the importance of authorship in academic work. We strictly adhere to the policy that our role is to provide guidance, analysis, and consulting. The client remains the sole author of their work, maintaining complete ownership and responsibility for the content, findings, and conclusions.

Collaborative Work: We encourage our clients to maintain active engagement in their research process. Our role is to support and guide, and we believe that the best results are achieved through a collaborative process that respects and upholds academic integrity.

Ethics in Reporting: We are committed to promoting and upholding ethical reporting practices. We do not support the suppression, misrepresentation, or selective reporting of data and findings. We encourage our clients to be transparent and honest in their reporting to ensure the integrity of their research.

By engaging our services, clients agree to uphold these principles of academic integrity. At Dissertation by Design, we believe that maintaining academic integrity is the foundation of quality scholarship and meaningful research.