Our Commitment to Ethical AI Practices

At Dissertation by Design, we believe that the ethical use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in academia is vital to maintaining the integrity of research. Ethical and responsible AI practices ensure that AI tools are used to supplement human expertise, not as a replacement.


The Role of AI in Dissertation Coaching and Academic Support

The landscape of AI for academic purposes is rapidly evolving, with new AI tools emerging daily. We employ AI to automate certain tasks, enhance process efficiency, and provide valuable insights that support our clients’ research endeavors. AI can assist at various stages of the research process, from generating ideas to evaluating writing and exploring new concepts. These tools are invaluable in contributing to a student’s academic success.

However, we strongly believe that AI is a tool to enhance our skills, not replace them. Our dissertation coaches are experts in their respective fields, providing unique insights and guidance throughout the writing process. We strongly disavow the use of AI tools to cheat or cut corners; such practices erode trust in research and science, leading to negative consequences for the research community and society at large.


Our Commitment to Ethical AI Practices


Transparency: We prioritize transparency by explaining the AI tools we use, how we use them, and their specific applications in our services. This enables our clients to understand the role of AI in their academic work and ensures they are fully informed.

Data Privacy: We recognize the importance of data privacy and commit to safeguarding the confidentiality and security of our clients’ content and data. We strictly follow data protection policies and never use an AI tool that could potentially access or misuse sensitive information.

Accountability:  We take full responsibility for the outcomes generated by AI tools used in our services. Our academic coaches monitor AI-generated content to ensure accuracy, relevance, and quality and are committed to addressing any issues or concerns that may arise.


AI Tools We Use 

At Dissertation by Design, we thoughtfully select AI tools that align with our ethical standards and can be used responsibly for academic purposes. Factors considered in this selection process include the AI tool’s security, efficacy, and relevance to academic research and writing.

Our sister company, Moxie, developed a suite of AI tools for academic and research writing. Click here to learn more about Moxie.

There are several AI tools we use regularly:

Grammarly: We use Grammarly for automated writing feedback and plagiarism detection.

ChatGPT:  We use ChatGPT for teaching and idea generation, such as explaining complex statistical and theoretical concepts or developing personalized student success plans.

Elicit:  We use Elicit as a research assistant to streamline parts of the literature review process.

Scite.ai helps users discover and assess research, but it can also be used to synthesize ideas. The Scite “Assistant” reviews literature for you, amalgamating ideas while contextualizing its sources. 


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